LUPA (Lock Up Performance Art)

Prickly, confrontational, valueless, baffling. . . performance art is often dismissed
as a difficult medium, and so adherents form their own platforms – such as LUPA
– beyond the hygienic securities of the Gallery world. Enter the lock up garage
and seek out the artists as they slip in and out of their strangely infectious

LUPA is a performance venue sited around a lock-up garage in the centre of a Bethnal Green council estate. A monthly event, LUPA exists for one hour only and features artists making brief performances to an audience assembled through social media and their punctual observation of its starting time.

Inhabitants of the surrounding Estate watch the often delirious goings-on from their balconies and windows.The work presented is wide-ranging and often unexpected with no creative restraints imposed by the artist- curators: Jordan McKenzie, Kate Mahony, Rachel Dowle and Aaron Williamson (2011-2012). Works by international performance artists such as Richard Wilson, Marcia Farquhar, Pil and Galia Kollective, Sinead O’Donnell and Tom Woolner have been presented alongside that of emerging and student artists.

LUPA is an independent, not-for profit, artist-run performance platform committed to producing live work that is site-responsive, process-driven and lofi in its production.

LIPA (lock In Performance Art), LUPA's touring spin-off allows us to perform pop-ups over various sites, sourcing from past and future LUPA artists. Venues include Institute Of Contemporary Arts (ICA), SUBLET, London Art Fair, Romford Contemporary Arts, SUPERNORMAL Festival and Vitrine Gallery.


‘I thought “Hell yeah, I can be a punk here.” - Maude Magazine

‘LUPA has been showing great, surreal, eccentric performance art in a grimy garage since last year. And it also shows why we should put art in new places.’- Labkultur’ European Webmagazine

‘In that short hour, I experienced performance art in the way I had expected to, and also in many ways that I had not. Every act had been completely different. . . ‘ - No Borders’ Magazine

'I don't know where else I'd go to watch performance art this eclectic, and (for all it's ridiculousness) largely unpretentious.' - London City Nights

‘Thoughtful but irreverent and fun two-fingered salute’- Artsadmin

An interview between myself and performance artist Daniella Valz Gen about LUPA:

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2013 'LUPA Fete' behind James Campbell House, 15th of June 2013, London City Nights

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Features in publications:
2013 ArtLicks, Issue 10
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